Flavour Typicalness

THE AGENCY OF TASTE bring its know-how all around the world…

A staff of professionals will help you to reach the best results in the dissemination of the typical taste of Mediterranean cooking all around the world.


This message is bound to nternational caterings and hotels, distribution chains of fresh and frozen foods and flavouring companies.

Salty Men¨:

“Ossobuco alla Milanese” (Milan);
Wild trout coked “in carpione” (Lago Maggiore);
“Risotto alla Trevigiana” (Treviso);
“Risotto alla Milanese” (Milan);
“Pizzoccheri alla Valtellinese” (Valtellina);
“BaccalÓ alla Vicentina” (Vicenza);
“Civee” meat (Piemonte);
“Panissa” (Vercelli);
Mixed boiled meat (Piemonte);
“Cassoeula” (Lombardy);
“Trippa alla Parmigiana (Parma);
Scalloped vegetables (Emilia Romagna);
“Passatelli” (Emilia Romagna);
“Lasagne” (Emilia Romagna);
“Tortellini” (Piemonte);
Fish Baked in foil (Liguria);
Truffle cream, “Pesto alla Genovese”, several Italian regional creams and sauces;

Sweet Men¨:

CrŔme caramel (Italy);
“Zabaglione” (North Italy);
“Tiramis¨” (Italy);
“Panna cotta” (Italy);
“Strudel” (North Italy);
“Meringata” (Italy);
“Baci di dama” (Piemonte);
“Cassata” (Sicily);
“Cannolo Siciliano” (Sicily);
“Pastiera napoletana” (Naples);
“BabÓ al rum” (Naples);
“Limoncello cake” (Naples);
“Castagnaccio” (Florence);
“Necci and Ricotta” (Lucca);
“Charlotte alla Milanese” (Milan);
“Panettone artigianale” (Milan);
“Colomba pasquale” (Milan);
“Veneziana” (Venice);
Ice-creams (“stracciatella”, yogurt, “tiramis¨”, vanilla, lemon, strawberry, “gianduia”, almond milk, “amaretto”, cocoa, biscuit and espresso).