ARALTEC can supply know-how and assistance in the following production fields:

Candied chestnuts and marron glaces

Preparations of fruits and creams for ice-creams

Emulsionizers, stabilizers and thickeners for industrial and homemade ice-creams

Industrial and homemade

Candied fruits

Jams for retail consumers or for baked products

Preparations of fruits and creams for yogurts

Preparations of fruits and creams fillings for chocolate and candies

Chocolate, drops

Preparation of milk ferments for yogurts ice cream

Bakery products: biscuits, crakers, bread, cakes, wafers, fresh, freezed and light

Semi-products for the food industry in general following the formulation of the client

Formulation of perfumes

Formulation of flavours: natural, natural identical and artificial

Natural extracts of plants, leaves, flowers, bourbon vanilla

Preparation of fruits

Soft drinks and liquors