Services Supplies


- Product studies
- Process studies
- Plant studies
- Assistance for R&D organisation


- Feasibility studies
- Advice on preparation of tenders
- Control of investments
- Operative and strategic management
- Informatisation of the activities


- Trasfer of product know-how
- Rationalisation of formulae and recipes
- Organisation of quality control (ISO 9001 - 9002)
- Organisation of process control


- Trasfer of process know-how
- Design and execution of manufacturing units
- Set up of chemical and bacteriological control laboratories
- Technical assistance of the product after sale
- Personnel selection and training
- Organisation of production
- Management of manufacturing units


- Assistance in getting financial facilities
- Assistance in getting of subventions
- Assistance on various international aspects of financing
- Economic assessment of investments
- Renovation of companies

ARALTEC can supplement existing structures of the client company either through specific intervention of experts or through a working team built up according to the needs of the company.
The most qualified personnel is thus available for the required time and client companies can rely on experts or efficient teams whose cost is proportional to the work actually done.

ARALTEC carries out integrated analysis through feasibility studies, preliminary projects, financial simulations and checkes at every stage of the project in order to assess whether it is really worth while proceeding.

ARALTEC can complete manufacturing units providing practical personnel training on the site or in its factories or coordinating the entire production.

ARALTEC prepares complete projects based on its own production and processes and can study new experience, packaging, etc. on new customers' in collaboration with research laboratories.

ARALTEC provides the necessary operative assistance for execution of product-in hand and turn-key contracts where the client may be the contractor with evident adavantages in terms of implementation costs.

ARALTEC gives to the food companies the same advantages, in terms of men of constant experience, as if they reached cooperation with multinational groups but without the restrictions and costs and continual technical dependence.

ARALTEC is available as consultant in the preparation of tenders and can ensure technical and financial control of investments.